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Call for Serving Positions

Come be a part of our dedicated team! We are currently calling for serving positions in various ministries, offering exciting opportunities for you to contribute and make a positive impact here at LLC, while also furthering God’s kingdom. Whether you have a passion for music, a knack for technology, a heart for children, a talent for organizing events, or a desire to nurture and guide young minds, we have a role that suits you. If you’re interested in any of the following positions, please email for more information!

P&W Ministry

  • Vocalists and guitarists
  • A/V Coordinator – Livestreaming

Children’s Ministry

  • Cubbies – teacher and helper
  • Sparks – teacher and helper
  • T&T/Trek – teacher and helper
  • Commander
  • Substitute Teachers
  • VBS Coordinator

Fellowship Lunches

  • Cooking and cleanup team

Community Learning 

  • Community Learning teacher

Youth and Young Adults Ministry

  • Youth group leaders
  • Young adults leaders

Women’s Ministry

  • Events leader/planner