Church-wide Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hi everyone! Our next fellowship event is a church-wide photo scavenger hunt. It is a lighthearted creative challenge.

The heart behind this socially-distanced activity is for us to share a bit of our lives with one another, be reminded to pray for one another and remember that even though we cannot meet together right now, we are still a community!

As an extra incentive, for each photo you submit, you will be entered into a draw for a $50 Amazon gift card!

Week 1: September 10 – 17
You can submit your photos here. Week 1 submissions closing at 11:59PM on September 17th

Week 2: September 17 – 24

You can submit your Week 2 photos here. Submissions closing at 11:59PM on September 24th.

  • A blooming flower
  • A picture with a friend (can be virtual)
  • An item from your childhood/reminds you of childhood
  • Something you made
  • Something orange
  • The sky/weather
  • A photo of a fond LLC memory
  • A photo taken somewhere outside of BC
  • A baby photo of you
  • Your favourite fruit
  • A group photo with your life group
  • a picture of the person that introduced you to LLC
  • A photo of you in mid air
  • a black and white photo
  • a close up of someone’s eyes
  • something that makes you smile
  • A photo from your most recent vacation
  • Something awesome you received in the mail
  • A close up of an insect

After September 24th, the fellowships (or congregation, in our case) that submit at least one photo per mission will be entered into a draw for a small gift for every member in their group that participated.

On September 30th, the photos you shared will be added to a gallery from the rest of the church so that we can all enjoy everyone’s pictures together.

If you have any questions, please contact Joanne Yen or email

Can’t wait to see a bit of life from your perspective!