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We’re excited to have you join us live in person!

As our church and the province transition into the next phase of our COVID-19 plan, we’re launching our hybrid service. This means we’re providing the opportunity to attend our worship services both in-person or live stream.

Though we stopped meeting in person since the end of March, we’ve never really stopped worshipping. The church is more than this. God’s church isn’t the building but it’s the people. Though our in-person gatherings stopped, the Gospel never did. It’s true that nothing really replaces in-person corporate worship, and we pray, and long for that day we can all be together again. Together, we have still experienced the power of the Gospel and corporate worship as we gathered virtually.

In following with the Provincial Health Guidelines, we’ve taken extensive measures to prepare our church building. (Please refer to our LLC COVID-19 Guidelines here) To name a few, our gatherings won’t exceed 30 people in the Main Sanctuary, masks are worn at all times and our space is well marked. Even though this may be the case, we recognize that not everyone is comfortable – and that’s okay! So whether you join us in-person or continue to join us virtually, you’re welcome!

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