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3-2-1 Groups

Alongside our regular fellowship gatherings, there are 3-2-1 Groups for those who seek even deeper relationships and growth.

3-2-1 Groups have the ultimate goal of spurring each other towards Christ as you share life together. The idea behind 3-2-1 Groups is simple: Three people, meeting for two hours, once a month. We believe this intentional process of people committed to meeting together is simple, doable, necessary and purposeful.

Why are 3-2-1 Groups important?

The aim of the smaller group size is to allow for deeper and more intimate discussions. But there are four more specific reasons:

  1. Relationship: We value relationships at LLC and this is a very practical way to cultivate these relationships.
  2. Spiritual Friendships: We all need spiritual friends to grow spiritually.
  3. Spiritual Growth: Within the context of these groups, we’re able to practice spiritual rhythms like prayer, Bible reading/study and confession more freely.
  4. Spiritual Depth: These groups will help take your relationship with God and each other to a deeper level.

Each group will be supported by our committee, where besides the three, six and one year check-in’s, there’ll be material provided to facilitating discussions. New groups are also encouraged to meet together at least three times (three months) before discerning next steps.

Before signing up, we encourage everyone to pray to see how God is moving and discern who God is bringing. Also don’t be afraid to have a conversation with those you think you’d like to be in a group with. If you’re not sure who you’d like to be in a group with, that’s okay too. We can journey together in your discernment process.

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Have questions? Please email and we would love to help you!


What is a 321 group?

321 groups are a triad of three peers meeting for two hours, once a month over a meal. While large fellowship events are great for building community at LLC, we also recognize a need for deep spiritual friendships. 321 groups provide a structure for spiritual intimacy to foster, pointing us closer to Jesus.

Why 321 groups?

Getting into deeper, meaningful conversations can be hard in large groups. We follow Jesus’ model here: he ministered to the crowds, but also had his inner circle of – Peter, John and James. Three seems to be the smallest unit of community. “Where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them (Matthew 18:20)”.

What is the purpose of 321 groups?

Triads are a simple way of building spiritual friendship in the form of loving, supporting and challenging each other. The basic structure of 321 groups is to meet over a meal, have conversation and pray together. 

How long do 321 groups go for?

The idea of 321 groups is still new for us all. To give groups a fair chance, individuals should commit to meeting at least 3 times. In December, we will re-examine how 321 groups have been serving the congregation.

Can there only be three people in a group?

Yes, we would recommend only having 3 people in the group and groups are men and women specific.

How do I get signed up?

If you have found a triad that is looking to meet, you can sign up here. We will provide resources and support throughout the coming year. If you would prefer to be assigned to a group, you can sign up here.

How is this different from Lifegroups? I miss the old life groups, when are those coming back?

Lifegroup were a great way to gather as a community. However, we heard and experienced the difficulty of finding spiritual intimacy in the lifegroup format. Fellowship nights will continue to provide a place for our community to connect, while 321 groups will be a space for deeper conversation, accountability and prayer.

How do I decide who should be in my 321 group?

As triads function more like peer accountability groups, they should consist of peers that share similar spiritual maturity. 

What should I do if I can’t decide who should be in my group?

If you can’t decide on a group but would like to be part of 321 groups, you can sign up here. Based on availability, affinity and maturity we will assign you to a group of peers to the best of our ability.

I want to start a 321 group but I don’t know who with, how do I get started?” (Along the same lines: we have two people, where third?)

Fellowship nights are a great way to get to know others within the LLC community. This gives everyone an opportunity to forge connections and have a better sense of who might fit within a 321 group. You can also sign up as an individual/group of two and the Fellowship Committee will connect you with others who share similar spiritual maturity/affinity. 

I don’t feel like I can commit to a 321 group right now, does that mean I won’t have opportunities to connect with others in the church?

321 groups provide a unique opportunity to speak and share into each others’ lives more intentionally than you would otherwise find. This may not be the right thing for everyone in every season of their life. Fellowship nights, Community Learning, Fellowship Lunch and Sunday Service are a variety of other touchpoints where you can continue to foster community and connect with others at LLC.

Can I join in more than one 3-2-1 Groups?

For the sake of time and commitment to your group, we do not recommend you to join more than one group. However, if you have time and desire for more than one meeting, we recommend your current group to come together more than once a month, if the whole group agrees.

My BFF is already in a 321 group, does that mean I can’t fellowship with them?

You definitely can! 321 groups do not restrict who you meet, or how you foster community at LLC. It is meant to ensure you have a consistent, committed space to experience encouragement, refreshment and accountability in your life.

Are 321 groups allowed to join and meet up with each other?

321 groups are free to join and meet up as they want! However, we encourage 321 groups to still find a time to meet as their own triad once a month. Being together as a group of three creates space for a different type of earned honesty and discussion.