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Life Groups

Life Groups simply walk through life together.

Our aim is to provide the opportunity for people to engage in biblical community that deepens their walk with Jesus.

Why Life Groups?

Life Group Ministry is an integral part of community here at Lord’s Love Church. How come?

Just like how seeds need to be nurtured in the right environment to grow, so are our relationships – with both God and each other. This will not be another program, but our hope is for it to be away of life. We are empowered and called by God to love and care for our sisters and brothers as He has done for us.

Our Small Groups are here to support each other, learn with each other, and keep each other accountable. There are different Small Groups to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you’re in school or working, there is a group for you.

How Do Life Groups Work?

Our life groups meet based on availability for 10 months, from September – June. Groups are typically between 10 – 12 people. Each person is made uniquely, therefore each small group make-up and structure is different. However, you can expect a time of study, discussion, social outings and outreach.

If you are interested in joining us after the September start date, we do intake new members in January and April to ensure that the small groups are a safe place and members are committed to attending and to their group members.

Our Life Groups Values


Though Bible study and prayer are important, we also value the importance of connecting and building relationships. Therefore, words such as commitment, authenticity, confidentiality and respect are central.


Group members will grow spiritually through study of God’s Word, prayer, serving together and keeping each other accountable. To allow growth in leadership gifting, new leaders are encouraged each term.


Group members recognize one of the goals is to reach out to others who have yet to experience a life group community.

2019-20 Life Group Locations


How Do I Join?

Sign up for 2019-20 Life Groups are on now! Click HERE to sign up!

If you would like more information about life groups or are interested in joining one, please fill in the form below and you will receive a reply shortly!