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LLC Christmas Hampers

This year, LLC is partnering and supporting Crisis Pregnancy Centre (CPC) and hoping to display God’s love and to be a blessing through these hampers. These hampers will go towards pregnant or new single mothers and some have partners or even other children. All have faced pregnancy in the past year to two years in less-than-ideal circumstances and all are facing financial hardship. We are looking to provide hampers for THREE families (roughly $300 each) with grocery store gift cards, toys and outfits for each child, non-perishable food items and anything else fun or creative you can think of. Please drop off items or hampers at the office by December 12.

About CPC

CPC mainly serves women with unplanned pregnancies. They provide peer counselling for women in this time of acute distress. They also provide ongoing support through clothes, education, diapers and more. Though CPC does not provide or assist in arranging abortions, they provide help in other ministries like post-abortion grief counselling and a safe house for women fleeing abuse. For more information regarding their initiatives, please click here or visit

Families We’re Supporting

Lord’s Love #1

Young pregnant single mom. Came to Canada from Europe as a student, hopes to obtain PR. No family in Canada. Baby due in spring. Gender not known.

Needs items for a newborn, gender neutral. Clothing, infant toys, blankets, pacifier, bottles. Newborn car seat is a suggestion but not requested.
Newborn or size 1 diapers.
Mom did not request anything for herself so be creative!
Grocery shops at Wal-Mart $100+ value gift card.

Lord’s Love #2

Single mom. Came to Canada when pregnant to be with Canadian partner and father of baby. He abandoned her. Has 12-month-old boy.

Size 2 Clothing for boy, Size 6 toddler shoe, toy and book for a 1-year-old.
Standing Toy
Size 5 diapers.
Asked for Zara gift card to purchase a clothing item for herself.
Grocery shops at Safeway $100+ value gift card.

Lord’s Love #3

Single mom of 7-month-old boy who was born prematurely. Very little family or support.

This mom requested warm winter clothing for her son, 6-12month size.
Toy, book, blanket would be great additions.
Size 3 diapers.
She needs tennis shoes. A gift card for Winners or Shoe Warehouse would be nice.
Grocery shops at Superstore $100+ value gift card.

Click here for an info sheet on this initiative!