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Our Leadership

Jesus. We believe the church belongs to Him. He is our Great High Priest (Hebrews 10:21) and our Cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20) on which the church is built upon. All leaders are ultimately called by Him and from whom all leaders seek their guidance and counsel.

English Congregation Committee (ECC)

The ECC is the leadership team specifically serving the English Ministries at Lord’s Love Church. The team is comprised of men and women who have a heart, vision, and passion to guide the operational and spiritual aspects of the English Ministries.  Our ECC group is made up of a department head, pastor, supervising deacon, and general members. Each member carries a specific role pertaining to assist in the planning and overseeing of certain areas within the English Ministries (Worship, Fellowship, Outreach, Discipleship, Service, Spiritual Disciplines, and Youth).

2022 English Congregation Committee Members

Doug Wong, English Ministry Associate Pastor – Spiritual Growth, Fellowship, Outreach
Aaron Mah, English Ministry Department Head 
Howard Ng – Youth Ministry Pastor
Nathanael Tung 
Jermane Lee
Lovelle Castro 
Rachel Yeung
Ashley Yeung
Roy Cheng

Our hope is that any ministry or event we hold would fall into growing our church in one of the areas listed above. As a group, we are striving to be servants in helping our church grow in three areas:

  1. Loving God;
  2. Connecting with Community;
  3. Reaching Out; and
  4. Building the Church.

Deacon Board

The Deacon Board is made of men and women who provide their vision and oversight over the spiritual and operational side of the church. Deacons (translated as “servants”) are selected during our voting process at our Annual General Meeting. The different roles within the Deacon Board are Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Deacon Board Members. Along with our pastoral staff, the board meetings serve to pray and plan for the overall church direction and administer ministries that fall in line with the vision.  Each Deacon oversees a specific department, which includes: Worship, Fellowship, Evangelism, Missions, Christian Education, Caring, Children, Facilities and English.

2022 Deacon Board Members

George Lau, Chair 
Raymond Li, Vice-Chair 
Jermane Lee, Secretary 
Edgar Pong, Treasurer 
Connie Yeung
Queenie Yu
James Zhu 

2022 Department Heads

Worship – Vera Kwong
Christian Ed. – Lydia Leung
Caring – Saly So
Evangelism – Pond Chan
Missions – Stanley Ng
Kid’s Min. – 
English Min. – Aaron Mah
Mandarin Min. – Emiko Dong 
Facilities – James Lee