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Do you love to sing, play instruments, or just love to express your praises to God through music? The Praise and Worship Team would love to have you join us in our jamming sessions. Whether it is during practice or on a Sunday morning, we just want to sing our hearts out to God in thanksgiving and liberation. We are very thankful for the anointing of His Holy Spirit, which enables us to worship the One who is worthy of all praise.

In order to ensure all team members are properly trained and prepared for leading the church in worship, there are three stages of membership recruitment:

  1. Recruit

    A recruit is someone who feels God’s call to serve on the worship team, who not only enjoys worshipping by themselves, but also corporately with others. A recruit understands the requirements of being a worship team member, signs the statement of belief and undertakes concrete action towards increasing their musical ability.

  2. Member-in-Training

    A member-in-training is an active member of LLC, who has a private life of devotion and has some proficiency in music, in their chosen instrument. They are training towards becoming a full member of the team and shadows a full member of the team on practice nights to familiarize themselves with practice structure and with being part of the full team. They do not play on Sundays or during praise and worship nights solo, but is always accompanied by a full member.

  3. Member

    A praise and worship team member is an active member of LLC who has a private life of devotion, and is proficient in their chosen instrument. They still practice in order to excel at their role. Also, they are training someone else to be able to replace them.

For more information on joining the team or if you’re interested in learning more, please contact Duncan Wong or Jimmy Chia.