Summer Missions

Part of our duty as Christ’s followers is to carry out the Great Commission and share God’s love with the world. Missions continues to play a major role in the vision of our church, which is why we are excited to be sending off two mission teams this summer; one to Macau and one to Ghana! We ask that you keep these two teams in your prayers as they fly off to the East and West to share the Good News.

Stay tuned to this page for updates on their whereabouts, happenings, and prayer requests.

 Ghana (July 16 to August 2)

Due to the Ebola outbreak last year, the team was unable to embark on their trip to Ghana. This year, Anthony Ma, Caitlin Wong, and Tiffany Jay have once again felt the call to go to Ghana and spread the Word and love of God! In partnership with CIM, their team of 8 will be travelling through the towns and villages of Ghana to visit and speak at churches, run children’s programs, transport supplies to village and church leaders, and share their lives and testimonies with locals.


[acc_item title=”JULY 31 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)

This morning, Olivia and Matthew, left Accra enroute to fly back to Canada.  We all got up at 6 am to bid them goodbye. It was sad to see them leave as they were a very large part of our team.

The rest of the team met the ECG leadership and then went to do some final souvenir shopping.  This evening, we spent with our driver Daal, who has been such an inspiration to us.  Not only is he a driver to us, but a teammate, friend, and fellow brother in Chirst.

Tomorrow morning, Janice and myself, will fly out while Team Vancouver will leave at night.

It has been an honour to serve with this team and seeing God work in miraculous ways over the last two weeks has been amazing.

Thank you so much for your prayers.  If anyone would like more information on CIM and our STM ministry to Ghana, please do not hesitate to email me at   I would love to hear from you.

We would also like to send you CIM’s monthly newsletters via emails once a month from now on.  If you prefer not to be included in the mailing list, please feel free to reply and let us know to exclude you from the list.  Thank you.

Prayer requests:
1. For a safe trip home.
2. For the continued work of both ECG and CIM in Ghana.
3. That the Lord will continue to use us back in Canada.

[acc_item title=”JULY 30 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)

We have safely made it back to Accra and are currently at the home of Eric Koo, businessman from Vancouver, for a wonderful Chinese meal.

Tomorrow morning, Olivia and Matthew, will fly out while the rest of the team will meet with the leadership of ECG followed by some sightseeing and shopping.

The rest of the team will fly out on Saturday.

Prayer requests:

1. Safe flight for Olivia and Matthew.
2. Productive meeting with the ECG leadership.


[acc_item title=”JULY 29 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)

It is Youth Week at all the ECG churches across Ghana which means every day there are activities planned for the youth.  Youth here in Ghana means anyone to the mid thirties.  Last night we attended the youth service at the Kintampo ECG Church, and Caitlin and Olivia shared their testimonies.

This morning, we joined the ECG youth to do door to door evangelism followed by a nice Ghananian meal of teezert (maize flour) hosted by Pastor James and his family. It was delicious. Afterwards, we went to the Kintampo Market to experience Ghananian culture.

Tonight we will do our final trip debrief before heading back to Accra tomorrow.  It is hard to believe that our trip is coming to an end.

Prayer requests:
1. For our safe trip back to Accra
2. For the youth at the Kintampo Church to grow in their faith.
3. For those who made conversions during our morning evangelism.

[acc_item title=”JULY 28 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)

Today we visited the village of Krobo.  It was the first time CIM and many of the ECG (Evangelical Church of Ghana) leaders have been to this village.  Therefore as custom has it, we greeted the chief to ask permission to share in his village.  Originally the plan was to do door to door evangelism, but during our visit to the chief, Pastor James (zonal pastor for the area) noticed that there were shrines for worship and places of sacrifice in the home.  The fetish (animistic) priest was also present.  Therefore Pastor James asked us to do our gospel presentation right then and there and during the altar call, the chief, the fetish priest, and his whole household came forward. We pray that these conversions were genuine.  Afterwards, the ECG leadership met with the chief about planting a church there and this Sundaythey will send two people to preach the Word.  Afterwards we did visitations. Close to 30 people committed their lives to the Lord in Krobo today. This is very exciting because the exact same thing happened in the village of Cherembo two years ago.

Tomorrow will be our last official day of ministry before heading back to Accra on Thursday.  We will do visitations in Kintampo with Pastor James.

Prayer requests:

1. For the village of Krobo.  Pray that the decision for the chief to follow Jesus is genuine that that ECG will be able start a church there.
2. For our ministry in Kintampo tomorrow.
3. For our health.  Overall, we are still doing well, but it has been tiring.  Travelling to the villages each day from Kintampo is nearly a 4 hour round trip drive over rough roads.


[acc_item title=”JULY 27 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)

Today our team travelled to the village of Kamampa. Initially we were supposed to do door to door evangelism but because it was market day in Zabrama, most of the villagers were not there.

As a result we presented the gospel message to a group of youth and a few adults. Praise the Lord that 3 kids and 1 adult accepted Christ. Pastor Emmauel, the district overseer from Techiman also joined us on this trip.

Tomorrow we will be visiting the village of Krobo. CIM has not been there before so it will be something new. We will be leaving Kintampo at 6 am in order to catch the villagers before they go farming.

It is hard to believe that we only have two full days of ministry left before we head back to Accra on Thursday. Thank you for the prayers, encouragements, emails, videos, etc. It means a lot to our team.

Prayer requests:
1. For the 4 people that accepted the Lord today.
2. For our ministry in Krobo tomorrow.
3. For our health: Matthew now has a cough and sore neck; a few others have stomach issues: our driver Daal has some swelling in his back (he was in a car accident about a year and a half ago and roads we are on everyday to the villages are rough).


[acc_item title=”JULY 26 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)

Today our team split into four pairs as we spoke at the ECG churches in the towns of Kintampo and Zabrama and the villages of Cherembo and Kamapa.Over 60 adults showed up in Kintampo while approximately 10 adults were at the village churches.  Andrew preached at the Zabrama church where he also preached two years ago.  Matthew preached in Kintampo; Olivia in Kamapa and I preached in Cherembo.It was exciting to see the people that we had invited to come during evangelism actually show up.  It was extra special for Caitlin when she saw Rita at the Zabrama church.  Rita had not been to church for over two years but through Caitlin’s testimony was inspired to come back.

In Cherembo, Janice and I experienced village church life first hand. We showed up around 9 am. There was no one at church. Along with Patience (a local leader who usually bikes an hour and a half just to come to church), Janice went door to door telling them we had arrived and church would start soon. Service finally began around 10:30. There were 6 women at first and a few more trickled in afterwards. Two were newcomers from the evangelism that we did a few days earlier. It was exciting to worship at the church that we help plant two years ago.

All in all, it was a good experience for all of us at the different churches.

Prayer requests:

1. For our evangelism in the village of Kamapa tomorrow.
2. Matthew has a sore throat. Pray that he gets a good night’s rest and will be better in the morning.
3. For us to finish strong.  It is hard to believe that we only have 3 more days of ministry before heading back to Accra on Thursday.


[acc_item title=”JULY 25 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)

Today was the evangelistic soccer tournament in which 3 teams competed for the coveted CIM championship. In the end, the Kintampo ECG Church won but what was more important was the spiritual conversions that took place before the games.  Praise God that 8 people came to know the Lord during the gospel presentation.

After the tournament we went to Kintampo Falls, a beautiful waterfall, for some much needed R&R.

Tomorrow (Sunday) will be a very full day as we will split into four teams to speak at 4 different churches. Matthew and Tiffany will stay in Kintampo. Andrew and Caitlin will travel to the town of Zabrama. Olivia and Anthony will be in the village of Kamapa and Janice and I will return to the village of Cherembo. To get to each location, those that are going to the villages will need to leave by 6:30 am.

Prayer items:
1. Follow up for the 8 people who accepted the Lord today.
2. For tomorrow Sunday services: that the Lord will speak through each one of us at the four different services. For the driver Daal, who will need to take us to all the different locations.
3. For continued good health.

Once again we would like to thank all of you for praying for us and sending us the encouraging notes. It means a lot.


[acc_item title=”JULY 24 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)

Today our team travelled from Kintampo where we are based to Zabrama to visit the ECG church and also do door to door evangelism.

The Lord’s Love Church from Vancouver, of which Anthony, Caitlin, and Tiffany attends, supports the Zabrama church and their Pastor Abraham whom they met for the first time today.

After greetings at the church, we divided into 4 teams to do visitations.   For those that had not done this before, it was a good learning experience. All the first timers did well and at least one person came to a saving knowledge of the Lord.

Tomorrow our team travels to the village of Cherembo to do more evangelism. It was in this village that the 2013 team helped plant a church so it will be very exciting to go back.

Prayer requests:
1.  Divine appointments to share the gospel.
2. Follow up work from the local churches to those that we have spoken with.
3. Our health: overall we are still in good shape though it is getting tiring. Each day we will have to travel on rough roads to get to the villages and then walk to do the visitations in the heat. This can be very draining.


[acc_item title=”JULY 23 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)

After a full day on the road we have safely made it to Kintampo (city in central Ghana). This area is special to us because CIM sent a team here in 2013 to do an exploratory trip. As a result, and working through ECG, we have planted some churches in the nearby villages and ECG has officially sent a church planter to Zabrama (a town an hour away). Our team will do follow up work to what the 2013 team did through evangelism and visitation.

Tomorrow we will travel to Zabrama to meet with Pastor Abraham, the new ECG planter to get a better idea of the specifics of our week stay in this area.

On our way to Kintampo today, we were able to stop in Tamale to meet Pastor Siu and his wife (longtime WEC missionaries) as well as Nathan Asase (son of Pastor Asase) who is studying in Tamale.

Prayer requests:
1. That we will faithfully, boldly, and courageously with sensitivity spread the gospel message through visitations.
2. For the leaders of ECG (Evangelical Church of Ghana) as they decide which villages to evangelize.
3. For our continued health: praise God that so far all is doing well.


[acc_item title=”JULY 22 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)

Today we travelled to the Bimbilla area. This part of the country has been ravaged by tribal warfare over the last year and has escalated in the last two weeks as over 50 people have been killed. As a result the government has issued a 4 pm curfew on the town. Last year when our team was here, the curfew was 6 pm. Therefore we had to do all of our ministry in the area and leave town by 4 pm or be detained by police. Praise God that we made it.

In the morning our team visited the village school in the Subrini where Janice and I met the teachers while the rest of the team took care of the students.

Immediately after, we travelled to the nearby village of Jegrido. This village is fairly isolated and does not have fresh drinking water. They have asked CIM to help in this matter over the last few years and through a donor, CIM was able to fund the building of a well which started in June and was supposed to be completed by last week. However because of the tribal warfare it was delayed. When we arrived, we witnessed the last 15 minutes of construction and saw the first water being pumped.  It was an amazing moment. We sang songs of worship and prayed over the well.

Upon return to Kpandai for our final night here, we found that there is no power which means we will have to clean and pack in the dark as we will leave tomorrow morning. Our debrief was held under the stars where we once again worshipped the Lord in song. Though we are not a musical team, it was awesome and emotional.

Prayer requests:

1. For a good night’s rest: because there is no power we will be basically sleeping in a sauna.
2. Our travel to Kintampo tomorrow where we will be for the next week. Initially we were supposed to take a ferry to cross Lake Volta but because the water level in the lake is very low, we will need to take the long way around.
3. For the ministry of Rev. Asase as he has many responsibilities being the district overseer in this area.
4. For those in the Jegrido area not only to enjoy the benefits from the well but also the living water.


[acc_item title=”JULY 21 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)

Today was a full and meaningful day for Team Canada. In the morning, Janice and I met with the teachers of the Mbowura Village School that CIM supports.  The main purpose was to encourage and also do some follow up with them. As today was a national holiday in Ghana, we did not expect many teachers to show up but to our surprise most did.

The rest of the team visited the Kpandai Hospital to pray over the patients.  It was an eye opening experience for them to see how little resources this hospital has compared to the ones in the West.

In the afternoon, we went to the studios of Asase FM (Rev. Asase’s radio station) where the team shared the gospel on air. It was a very fun experience.

Tonight we attended a youth fellowship where Anthony and Tiffany shared the testimonies.

Tomorrow we will travel to the Bimbilla area to visit our Subrini village school and the village of Jegrido. With the help of a donor, CIM has recently started a project to bring fresh water to this village.  Since there is tribal tensions in this area there is a curfew of 4 pm.

Prayer requests:
1. Pray for the continued health of the team. Some are still experiencing stomach issues and adjusting to the heat.
2. Our ministry in the Bimbilla area and safety in our travels.
3. To continually share the gospel and word and deed.
4. For the staff at Kpandai Hospital to persevere in their work and for needed resources.
5. That our hearts will continually be enlarged.
6. Praise item: For Madame Ollah, who has been taking care of the team (cleaning and laundry) at the Kpandai guesthouse. She truly has been a blessing.


[acc_item title=”JULY 20 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)

Thank you for your prayers. Today was one of those WOW days when we definitely saw God at work.

We split into two teams: Matthew, Andrew, Olivia, and Janice that went to Kpandai South ECG Church while Anthony, Tiffany, Caitlin and myself went to Kpandai Central ECG Church.

Matthew, our youngest member, preached at the South campus while Janice led the children’s program.

Caitlin shares at Sunday School at Kpandai Central ECG Church - July 2015At the central campus, Caitlin led the children’s program while Anthony and Tiffany shared their testimonies.

God worked mightily through them and many lives were impacted. For half of this team, it was their first experience in an African worship and they were truly amazed with the community, the dancing, and the worship styles.

In the afternoon, most of the team hung with the children. I was deeply touched when most of the children came up to me and started singing the songs we taught them last year. They knew all the words and the actions. It actually brought tears to my eyes.

We all also met up with Mama Ruth (her husband was the late schoolmaster at the Don Theobold School in Kpandai). She inspired us by sharing how CIM has really helped her family in the past.

In the evening, our team invited Rev. Asase (district overseer), and Elder Joseph (ECG’s Village School Minister Director) for dinner and then they shared with the team the reality and the spiritual dimension of spiritual warfare in Ghana.

It has been a very inspirational day for the team as we are learning that every relationship and every act of kindness does not go unnoticed and that the work of previous CIM teams ties in with ours which in turn will tie in with future teams.

Tomorrow Janice and I will meet with the teachers of the Mbowura village school  in the morning while the whole team will speak on the Christian radio station that Rev. Asase runs in Kpandai. At night, we will attend the youth group of the ECG south church.

Prayer items
1. For our ministry tomorrow with the teachers and the radio ministry.
2. Our health. Most of us remain healthy but some have minor stomach issues and still trying to adjust to the heat.
3. Evangelism: both on our part to the locals and also for the locals to other villagers.
4. Greater faith.
5. Spiritual warfare: that we are ready at all times.
6. Praise item: today was our first Sunday here and we were all touched by how God by how God is at work here and that the ministries of CIM continues to have an impact in this area.


[acc_item title=”JULY 18 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)
Daal and Tiffany at Dambai Ferry - July 2015After a full day’s drive and two ferry crossings, we have safely arrived in Kpandai.

Kpandai is a small town in central Ghana that has special meaning for a number of people on our team. In many ways CIM did a lot of work here during the early days and have built many relationships here. Upon arrival we were met by Rev. Asase, the district overseer and Dr. Timothy.

Tomorrow we will divide into two teams to minister in two churches in the Kpandai area.

During debrief, Tiffany shared a great illustration that I want to relay to you all. The roads in the Kpandai area are very bad with many puddles yet somehow, Daal, our driver was able to navigate around the puddles and the bumps and got us safely to Kpandai. Similarly our God will help us to navigate around the bumps and puddles in our lives to the other side.

Prayer requests:
1. Adjustment to the heat and the culture.
2. Faithfulness under all circumstances.
3. To speak boldly and courageously through the two teams as they minister in the two churches.
[acc_item title=”JULY 17 UPDATE”] (Email update from Reverend Isaac Quan)

It is after midnight andJuly 2015 Team in Accra - July 17, 2015 I am typing this prayer update in the dark as there is no power.

Team Canada 2015 have finally met up for the first time. We come from different cities: Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary, but we all come for the same purpose and that is to serve the Lord.

Because of our different travel times today we did not all arrive at the guest house in Accra (capital city of Ghana) until 11 pm. We had supper, debriefed, prayed, repacked and will be on the road tomorrow by 8am traveling to the small town of Kpandai where we will be ministering for the next few days.

Praise God that we all made it here safe with all our luggage and in good health.

Prayer items:
1. Good night rest.
2. A safe drive to Kpandai.
3. Team unity (some of us have never met each other until tonight).
4. God’s grace and mercy on our team.


Macau (July 17 to July 27)

This is LLC’s first youth mission trip, meaning the missionaries involved are mainly teens! It is also our first trip to Macau, so we are thrilled to see how God will be using and stretching these youth and how He’s working in Macau. The team of 6, consisting of Amy Chui, Brian Lee, Jermane Lee, Matthew Chow, and Pastor Doug Wong will be heading to what’s known as the “Las Vegas of Asia” to serve at a local church and orphange and run a youth camp.


[acc_item title=”JULY 29 UPDATE”]

The team has officially completed their mission in Macau. Both the children’s VBS and the youth camp were a huge success and they are tired, but in great spirits as they board their flight back home to Vancouver. They have built lasting relationships with the people they encountered and are excited to share all they have experienced in Macau. They even had a day to relax and explore in Hong Kong after their trip. They will be arriving tomorrow (Thursday, July 30) afternoon.

Please continue to keep the team in your prayers as they still have a long flight back home. Also, please join us in prayer for the people in Macau; that the seeds sown on this trip will bear much fruit and for the children & youth to know the love of God and their true value that is found in Him.


[acc_item title=”JULY 26 UPDATE”]

It was a fun full day of activities! Though we were tired from a lack of sleep, thank you for your prayers as the worship service at 7:15 am went well this morning. Many of the teens/university students are not Christian and may have heard the Gospel for the first time. Please pray that these seeds may have been planted deep.

After breakfast we headed down the mountain to the pier, walking in a total downpour. But it made the bonding experience stronger. We spent most of the day on a boat owned by the retreat center. There we did three faith building exercises, such as a faith plank walk off the edge of the boat and jumping off the top of the boat.  Debriefing after each one, we were able to share our thoughts about what it means to accomplish goals in life. Though many are not Christians, we tried to share from our point of view on these matters. There were even times when certain members were in tears from sharing about certain experiences in their lives.

Later at night when we were back at camp, we participated in another faith building exercise on a ropes/obstacle course. We all participated in different exercises, but we have to say this may have been one of the most faith building and terrifying days of our lives. But through these activities, we saw people overcome their fears and were able to practically apply it to a life context. As a group, when we overcame obstacles and fears together, it painted a beautiful picture of how we were meant to live in community with one another.

Please pray for:

1. Our health, as the heat from today and the buildup of little sleep has been causing dehydration and headaches. We have been drinking lots of water, but pray that we will get rest.

2. For continued opportunities with the youth/university students and for the Gospel message to sink deep.

3. There will be a time for devotions tomorrow morning with everyone. Please pray that the Word of God will be explained and received well.

4. For our travel as we will be going back to Hong Kong Island.


[acc_item title=”JULY 25 UPDATE”]

Thank you for your prayers as we have made it to Cheung Chau safely! It went as smoothly as it could be traveling with around 50 people to the ferry terminal then to another dock to catch the ferry to Cheung Chau. We even managed to squeeze all these people into a local noodle shop!

It was a tough walk through the crowd and up the hill with our luggage. We’re not sure how it’s possible to sweat so much! Once we settled in to the camp we started with ice breaker games and it was a challenge as it was fully in Cantonese. But we were able to adapt and join in their activities as well. These games are strangely fun when you don’t know what’s going on. We’re learning that language isn’t big enough to keep God from moving.

The most memorable activity we did today was going for a short hike down the mountain side and through a cemetery…in the dark. We started off in our small group, then split off into pairs, then journeyed on our own. Though it was scary, it was relatively pleasant and calming as well as it was by the ocean side. Leaders laid down glow sticks in the shape of arrows to guide the way. This was a strangely powerful exercise for all of us. We then went into discussions groups to share about our experience and what this exercise and more particularly this “light” represented for us. Some said the light represented their family or friends that guided them. But we felt this was an opportunity for us to share about our faith – so we did. It seems God used us as we sat in our respective small groups of 12 on a random side street.

We are all split up into different rooms tonight to get to know the youth and university students some more. Please pray that we will have some good conversations as many have asked why we are attending this camp all the way from Vancouver.

Our team will be leading worship Sunday morning. Doug will be speaking and Brian will be translating. Please pray for God to speak through all these ministries.


[acc_item title=”JULY 24 UPDATE”]

We finished our last day of the English Camp and VBS/Summer Camp today! Can’t believe how quick this week went by. It was difficult saying goodbye to the younger students at the English Camp and VBS as this would be the last time we would see them. We made some significant connections with them that lasted far beyond what we were simply trying to teach. Though none of us are English teachers by trade, we are thankful for how God used us to help the youth learn. When asked, the students at the end (where some are not Christian) said that there is something different about this team in the way they conduct themselves. We praise God for this as we have been praying for God’s love to shine through us. Many of them lack love and attention from their families, so it was good to be able to share God’s love and be the older brother or sister for the week. Thank you for praying for the Summer Camp as things went more smoothly today. More youth came out and we were able to celebrate our last day with a cake (which they do not get a chance to eat often). Even more worth celebrating and definitely a highlight of the camp today was a 9 year old boy committing His life to Christ. Please pray these seeds are planted deep.

We also visited Ho Gwong Church in Taipa tonight. Pastor Lam is one of the first CEM missionaries to be sent to Macau 23 years. Since this church was planted 10 years ago, the church has grown slowly from 6 to 40 people. It was touching to hear the struggles of the church and how God displayed His grace and glory through it. These certain issues are different than the struggles we have in our North American churches since many of the issues here we take for granted back home. Learning from him surely humbled and reminded us again of how God provides.

We will be leaving Macau tomorrow to the Bosco Youth Center in Cheung Chau with the high school students from the orphanage as well as some university student volunteers. We are really looking forward to this opportunity to spend more time with the youth and many of them are excited for this opportunity too. There will be a total of 40 students and we will be leading various aspects of the retreat. Please pray for our travels since there will be around 50 of us travelling from Macau to Hong Kong along with our luggage, then another 30 minute ferry to Cheung Chau, followed by a short hike up to the retreat center.


[acc_item title=”JULY 23 UPDATE”]

Sorry for the hiatus! It has been a full days of ministry as the STM team worked hard in the past two days! The team has been pulling 12+ hour days with few breaks in between, but it has been a joyful 12 hours of service to the Lord! Sorry this will be a slightly longer update because of the last two days.

A highlight on Wednesday, July 22 was packing and handing out Bibles at St. Paul’s Ruins. We partnered with an organization called Southern Cross Project and met a missionary named Cindy. Her and her husband have been in Macau for 20+ years and it was a privilege to be able to serve alongside her. Though the weather was warm and overcast, it seems the Lord held off the rain. During the training, we were touched by how Cindy mentioned if it starts raining, we protect the Bibles first. That’s because there are only a limited amount particularly in this version (which is not allowed in the rest of China).

We didn’t think too much about this ministry since many of us haven’t handed out Bibles at the street corner before. But with sweat on our brow at 7:30 am, God truly humbled us in this experience as there was wave after wave of tourists from Mainland China that passed us by. Though we didn’t speak Mandarin, it seems the Lord gave us just enough ability to learn a few phrase in the short time we had to be able to communicate. In 1.5 hours we handed out 800 Bibles. The prayer at the beginning was that another Christian ministry would take over just as we run out…which they came just in time. The tourists came from all over China and we understand why this ministry, which hands out over 100,000 Bibles a year, is important for evangelism.  It was encouraging to see them sit and read the Bible for the first time and take it back with them. There were even a few conversations that came from these interactions! Please pray for these seeds to be planted deep and for the tourists to bring them back to their communities. You never know what may come from this simple interaction, which is what Taylor shared to Cindy as this is how her family came to Christ through a Bible given to them while they were on vacation in Thailand. Oh, we were also able to pack 2400 Bibles as “ammo” for the teams to come.

At night, we had some time to walk around and pray for the city. This 3-Hour Prayer walk took us to some deeper and darker places in Macau. We found out that Macau is more than just the lights and glamour of the casinos. Please keep the general spiritual atmosphere of Macau in your prayers the sex and drug trade, poverty, and smuggling that all exist here.

Ministry generally went well today. The English Class went smoothly as we shared about countries and attempted to draw their flag and map. We then focused on Vancouver. We took this opportunity not only for them to get to know what we do in Vancouver, but to share the Gospel through John 3:16 since God so loved “the world”. However, it was rough at the VBS/Summer Camp today. A fight broke out midway through as a few young boys got into a scrum. Though we thought it was over a disagreement, we found out that it was actually because one of the boy’s mom’s is in the hospital, and he isn’t allowed to visit her because of where he is. This just furthered reminded us of the brokenness these youth are feeling. Please pray for this boy and his mom as she is recovering in hospital. It is our last day tomorrow with these youth and they will be missed. Please pray also that we will be able to shine Christ’s love on this last day.

We also had a chance to visit YC Fellowship tonight. This is a Christian organization that is directly involved in getting youth off the streets and into rehab. They offer many ministries, including free health check-ups, dance, music and cooking lessons. But most admirable is perhaps the dedication of their peer counselor program that sends men and women into the karaokes, bars and strip clubs to minister and to look out for people on the streets that may have overdosed. These youth shared how they went to drugs to escape from their lives. It was a privilege to be able to worship alongside youth who have struggled with drugs and was encouraged to hear how Christ overcame. During our conversations, one of the ex-drug users mentioned, “It is possible to go back…from crystal meth…because there are three people in this room who have done so.” This is the power of the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through this ministry, young men and women, who struggled with drugs and some even imprisoned, have become drug free and worship at their local churches.

The team is in good spirits but generally tired. A few members have upset stomachs from a combination of the food and the hot weather. Please continue to pray for us as we finish up our last full day of ministry in Macau tomorrow before heading to the 3-day youth camp. There have been heavy storms in the area, so please pray also for our transportation.

***Please note: Faces on the picture of YC Fellowship is blurred out for privacy issues as they are still officially in the rehab program.


[acc_item title=”JULY 21 UPDATE”]

Praise God for another full day of ministry! We woke up early once again and found out Amy wasn’t feeling well. She took some time to rest as we went off for the English Class. But praise God that she felt better as she joined us half way through!

IMG_8512New students came to both the English Class as well as the VBS, and it was good connecting with them. We felt that we were able to share a little bit about our lives and Jesus in both ministries. Regarding the English Class, we taught a section on vocab pertaining to emotions, followed by skits and a portion for conversational English. We were surprised by the things these youth shared regarding their lives as we asked them when they felt certain emotions in their lives. It seems that God is giving us opportunities to connect and for us to share the truths of Jesus.

Regarding the VBS/Summer Camp, though there was quite a bit of turnover, more youth came out and we were able to get to know the new youth as well. We shared about how “Even though you’re different, Jesus loves you.” These teens are in the orphanage/children’s home because they come from some unfortunate situations. Many are ashamed to be living in such a home and are ridiculed for being situated there. To be able to show love and to hear their deeper stories truly moved our hearts as we shared about the all-satisfying love of Christ.

IMG_8505We had lunch at the Macau Industrial Sector Gospel Fellowship where they host a lunch for the factory workers that come into Macau to work from Zhuhai. The team led a portion of worship, where Brian then shared the purpose of our trip and his testimony. We then sat among them and got to exchange stories. Their situation, especially their financial income, truly struck our hearts. Our presence from such a far country, in which many didn’t even know where it is, also touched their hearts.

Tomorrow we will be starting our day even earlier as we will be packing Bibles then bringing them to St. Paul’s Ruin in order to hand them out. Please pray for opportunities to have meaningful conversations with people passing by and hopefully get a chance to share the Gospel.

Also, there is no internet at the Chi Tou Church Dormitory so our connectivity and communication is sparse. But we are generally doing well and looking to get some rest before another full day tomorrow.


[acc_item title=”JULY 20 UPDATE”]

20150720_123506The team has finally united!  Thank you for your prayers as Taylor was able to make her way from Guangzhou to Macau and to the church without any trouble.

The church dormitory was full Sunday night so we had to stay at the local YMCA. We woke up early and had our devotions led by Amy at 7:30 am to start a great and full first day of ministry. It truly set our hearts right as we studied 1 John 3 and were challenged to apply this text to our current context in loving the people of Macau.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the morning we taught an English Class at Chi Tou Church, which is over 100 years old. We then had a quick lunch and traveled by foot and bus to the Children’s Home in the afternoon where we led the VBS. Though we did not know the exact number and demographic of the youth attending in both ministries, God used our team and the connections made with the youth were surprisingly and pleasantly strong. We led songs, games, crafts and a time of teaching for youth 6-18 years of age in both sessions. We laughed, exchanged stories and listened to each other’s cultures and are looking forward to more interactions with them the rest of the week. It seems we have already been stretched in terms of both physical and spiritual endurance fighting both the heat and jet lag. But our team has responded well, whether jumping in to translate or making changes on the fly or trekking across the city with our bags and instruments through the pouring rain.

We ended our day with a team debrief and a lengthy discussion on Let the Nations Be Glad which we had to read as a team assignment. It was encouraging to hear how much we have learned regarding missions and how we are applying it right now in Macau.

Tomorrow, besides running another round of the English Class and VBS, a last minute ministry has been added. We will now be taking our lunch portion of the day to minister to factory workers by leading worship as well as a short message.

Praise Items

1. For Taylor making it to Macau

2. Such quick connection with the youth

Prayer Items

1. Continued strong interaction with youth

2. Hearts of youth to be opened and for opportunities to share the Gospel

3. Sharing at local factory

4. For our team to remain healthy and strength to serve

5. The impact of serving here in Macau has already been felt by our team. Looking ahead, pray that God will continue to move our hearts and place a burden to serve His church with this passion in Vancouver.

[acc_item title=”JULY 17 UPDATE”]Matthew, Amy, and Pastor Doug have arrived safely in Hong Kong at approximately 3:30AM this morning! Their flight was a bit delayed due to some storms along the way, so the ride was a bit bumpy, but they’ve arrived safely and will be spending the night in Hong Kong with Amy’s uncle Praise God for his hospitality for our team!

Continue to pray for the final preparation as there are a LOT of unknown factors for the camps that they will be hosting (ie. English skill level, number of students, age of students). These things will not be known until the actual day of camp.

Also pray for the people that they will be reaching out to and that God will continue to draw them to the different camps so that they can connect with our STM team and hear the Good News!